What is the maximum time that a dog can be in a crate?

Answer As a general rule for puppies, take the number of months old the dog is, and add one. For instance, a 2-month-old puppy plus one equals three, so don't crate the dog for more than three hours. A 4... Read More »

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What is the maximum amount of time that a woman whose water has broken must give birth?

Most doctors / hospitals have a 24 hour policy to help prevent infections. If antibiotics are given and the woman and baby are closely monitored this does not have to be a hard fast rule and should... Read More »

What is the Maximum time you can be a marine?

Once a marine, always a marine, so if you are a marine, you are a marine for life. So the answer i guess is 102 years (Longest living person, 120 years - 18, when you can join).

What is the maximum service stars that that can be worn on the njrotc uniform?

It varies between the unit at which this is being held. More often than not, however, it is three.A new cadet (ns-1) is to wear no service stars.A second year (ns-2) is to wear one service star.A t... Read More »

What is the maximum time a YouTube video can be?

It Says 10 Minutes, but if its under 11 you are all right, so 10:59sec.and if your video doesn't fit, try spliting it up into parts, good luck.any longer, cost 10$ per minute that you have 2 pay to... Read More »