What is the maximum rate of photosynthesis?

Answer The maximum rate of photosynthesis refers to the point at which light saturation has been reached and photosynthesis will not increase even if more light is available. This can be found on a graph ... Read More »

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What is the maximum federal tax rate?

The maximum federal tax rate is subject to change, as Congress can adjust the tax brackets. As of 2010, the maximum federal income tax rate is 35 percent, which is levied on incomes of over $373, 6... Read More »

What is a maximum heart rate?

Answer 220 minus your age.Therefore if you are 30220-30=190However there are various other methods of calculation.It also depends on what exercise you are doing and how fit you are already.check ou... Read More »

What is the maximum interest rate?

The maximum interest rate varies. There is no federal law regarding maximum interest rates, meaning each state has the ability to set its own. Many states in America impose a maximum interest rate ... Read More »

What is the maximum income tax rate?

As of 2010, the highest income tax rate in the United States equals 35 percent, for incomes over $373,650. If your status is married filing separately, the 35 percent tax rate applies to any income... Read More »