What is the maximum number of points needed to pass a new york state road test?

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How many points are in a Wisconsin DMV road test?

You can accumulate up to 24 points during your road test for driving in Wisconsin and still receive your license. Any list of infractions resulting in a score of more than 25 points during the cour... Read More »

Can someone give me the main points on how to pass your driving test?

I can't remember whether you're supposed to, I think it really depends on the circumstances e.g. what's going on around you! But it's probably better to be safe than sorry and indicate :)Anyways my... Read More »

Lowest Score Needed to Pass Illinois Basic Skills Test?

The Illinois Basic Skills is a required test for anyone in Illinois who wants to be a teacher. Scores on the test range from 100 to 300. The minimum passing score of the test is 240, however passin... Read More »

I have 6 days to pass a piss test ive smokedabout 5 joints in the last 2 weeks can i pass?

Sure ya can, just dont puff anymore ganja and drink a boatload of water. At least a few gallons a day. Also, eat a healthy diet with little fat. Don't be fooled by the other folks that say drink ... Read More »