What is the maximum chair height?

Answer 15.5 to 17 inches

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What is the maximum height a person can be to enlist in the coast guard?

i believe it is 6'10'' but not sure. i dont see why it should matter anyhow!

What is the maximum height for an astronaut to fly on a space mission with nasa?

What is the legal maximum weight on an ASA softball bat?

The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) does not certify or approve bats based on their weight. Rather, the ASA tests bats scientifically, measuring the speed of the ball coming off the bat as seen ... Read More »

What is the maximum legal frame size for Ethernet?

The maximum frame size, in bytes, that can be used on an Ethernet network, is 9,000. Maximum Ethernet frame size depends upon the network speed, and the maximum frame size is only available on Ethe... Read More »