What is the maximum chair height?

Answer 15.5 to 17 inches

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How to Find the Maximum Height of the Ball With Algebra?

Finding the maximum height of a ball thrown upwards is a common algebra problem. The equation used for the problem is actually a derivation of a calculus equation for velocity, but it works well to... Read More »

Is there a maximum number of bananas considered safe to eat in one day?

@TheTerminatorFan, apes are 98% identical to humans and cabbages are about 40% identical so i don't think that bananas are 99%anyway, I dont think that if you eat to much of any type of food will m... Read More »

What is the maximum height for an astronaut to fly on a space mission with nasa?

What is the maximum height a person can be to enlist in the coast guard?

i believe it is 6'10'' but not sure. i dont see why it should matter anyhow!