What is the maximum dose of iron supplement one can use safely?

Answer Due to the fact the humans do not excrete excess iron, it becomes dangerous in high doses. Men 19 years of age and up need about 8mg a day, women 19 to 50 years old need 18mg daily, and women 50 ye... Read More »

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Iron Vs. Iron Sulfate as a Supplement?

Iron supplements are taken to combat low blood iron, also known as anemia. Your doctor may prescribe iron supplements or suggest that you take an over-the-counter dietary supplement, depending on y... Read More »

How to Choose an Iron Supplement?

Iron is an important element, as it helps blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body. Most people receive sufficient amounts of iron through their regular diets, since many foods are high in ... Read More »

Iron Supplement Foods?

Iron is an important component to the human diet in that it transports oxygen to cells, which stimulates cell growth. Two types of iron can be found in food. Heme iron is found in the meat of anima... Read More »

I'm taking an iron supplement which has 27 mg and a multivitamin which has 18 mg of iron?

Iron is not something you want to take too much of, because it's more difficult than other stuff to excrete from the body. I would stop taking the supplements, you don't need them. If you are lacki... Read More »