What is the maximum credit score?

Answer There are at least two ways to compute a credit score so the highest depends on the formula computation by two different credit agencies. The highest VantageScore is 990. The highest FICO score is ... Read More »

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Will canceling credit cards with high available credit hurt my credit score?

Closing a credit card with a high available credit limit will lower your available credit, as well as remove some of your credit history. Typically, it does lower a borrower's credit score, althoug... Read More »

What is a good credit score on a credit score scale?

On One Hand: Over 700 on the FICO ScaleThe FICO credit scoring scale runs from 300 to 850, with higher scores signifying a more credit-worthy individual. A score of 700 or higher signifies that you... Read More »

What is the maximum ged score?

If you never finished high school, you can still receive a diploma equivalent to a high school degree by passing a GED test. The GED measures your knowledge in five content areas, including science... Read More »

What is the maximum score for the ASVAB?

The ASVAB contains 10 subtests that are combined and scored differently dependent on the desired military occupation. Each subtest produces a standard score that is normed with a mean of 50 and a s... Read More »