What is the maximum apr on a car loan?

Answer Each state sets its own maximum interest rates for car loans. For example, in Texas the maximum interest rate on a car loan is 27 percent, according to, and anything above the maximum rat... Read More »

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What is the maximum loan amount on a VA loan?

VA loans are granted to American veterans or their spouses by the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA loans allow the buyer to purchase a home with zero dollars down up to the limit allowed in the c... Read More »

What is the maximum FHA loan?

The maximum FHA loan amount varies across the country depending on which county you live in and can be adjusted each year. For 2010, limits range from under $300,000 to a maximum of $729,500 in som... Read More »

What is the maximum amount of a VA rehab loan?

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA rehab loans do not have a maximum. However, VA rehab loans usually are limited to $417,000. The banks and lenders who offer VA rehab loans usuall... Read More »

Which loan is better: an auto loan or a signature loan?

On One Hand: Auto LoansWhen you are purchasing a car, you can use the car as collateral so that the loan becomes less risky for the lender, which means you get a lower interest rate. A lower intere... Read More »