What is the maximum Social Security disability benefit?

Answer The amount of money a disabled individual receives depends on that person's age and earnings record. However, the maximum amount of disability benefit you could collect from Social Security per mon... Read More »

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Social Security Disability application asked me if I am receiving public disability benefit and Im wondering if WEA Trust LTD is a public disability benefit?

Answer WEA Trust LTD is private, long-term disability insurance you receive through your employment through a Wisconsin school district that has a group LTD plan with WEA Trust. It is not a public ... Read More »

Is there a maximum social security benefit?

There is a maximum Social Security benefit. Your average earnings for years worked after the age of 21 determines how much you receive. A person who retires at age 62 in 2010 would receive roughly ... Read More »

Is there a maximum yearly benefit for Social Security?

The maximum yearly benefit for Social Security adjusts each year to account for inflation. Your benefit depends on the age that you retire and how much you have earned over your lifetime. For 2010,... Read More »

What is the maximum for Social Security Disability for a family?

The amount of Social Security disability benefits you receive is determined by your age and accumulated earnings at the time of your disability. However, the maximum benefit for a family is 85 perc... Read More »