What is the mass of the Earth's atmosphere?

Answer The mass of the Earth's atmosphere is 5.3 x 10 to the 18th power kg, roughly one-millionth the mass of the planet (5.97 x 10 to the 24th power kg). Our atmosphere is mostly made up of nitrogen (78.... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Mass of the Earth's Atmosphere?

We live at the bottom of an ocean of air, even if we're not always aware of this. Earth's atmosphere, like all other physical things and your aunt's cooking, has mass, a great deal of mass, in fact... Read More »

Where is the center of mass of the Earth's atmosphere?

The Earth's atmosphere is about 10,000 kilometers thick, but most of its bulk is contained in the first 11 kilometers above the Earth's surface. Since the Earth and its atmosphere are roughly spher... Read More »

Over Which Type of Earth Surface Does a CT Air Mass Usually Form?

Critically important to shaping the weather, air masses are large bodies of air with relatively consistent levels of heat and moisture, covering thousands of square miles. It takes between ten days... Read More »

What type of front is formed when a cool air mass displaces a warm air mass?

Fronts occur where two different air masses meet. When cool air displaces warm air, it's called a cold front. Cold fronts are able to keep up their intensity over great distances and tend to bring ... Read More »