What is the mass of an ink pen?

Answer Ink pens come in a large variety of sizes and configurations, ranging from mini-pens that can be carried in a wallet, to bulky fountain pens meant as much for display as for writing. The mass of a... Read More »

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What type of front is formed when a cool air mass displaces a warm air mass?

Fronts occur where two different air masses meet. When cool air displaces warm air, it's called a cold front. Cold fronts are able to keep up their intensity over great distances and tend to bring ... Read More »

What is the mass of H2O?

The mass of H2O is calculated by adding two molecules of hydrogen (2 x 1.008 grams/mol) and one molecule of oxygen (16.0 grams/mol). Therefore, H2O, commonly water, is equal to approximately 18.01 ... Read More »

What Is an Air Mass?

An air mass is a meteorological term used to describe a large body of air that contains the same temperature and moisture elements throughout. An air mass forms horizontally on the Earth's surface,... Read More »

What is a mass air sensor?

The mass air sensor is a car component that is used to determine the amount of air that enters the car's engine. It is also known as the "mass air flow sensor" and "air flow meter sensor."PurposeTh... Read More »