What is the north carolina state government?

Answer The government of North Carolina largely mirrors the way the federal government is set up. There are three branches--the executive, the legislative and the judicial branches, consisting of both ele... Read More »

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What year did North Carolina become a state?

North Carolina became the twelfth state to enter the union on November 21, 1789. However, North Carolina succeeded from the United States on May 20, 1861 but was later readmitted to the union in 18... Read More »

What pets are allowed in the North Carolina state parks?

Pets are allowed in the North Carolina state parks as long as they are on a leash not exceeding 6 feet; regulations do not distinguish among species or breed of the pet. Owners must maintain consta... Read More »

What year did North Carolina become a Confederate state?

Prior to the surrender of Fort Sumter--often regarded as the beginning of the American Civil War--seven of the 11 states that would eventually comprise the Confederacy had seceded from the Union. F... Read More »

What is the legal age a child can be left alone in a car in the state of North Carolina?

The moment she starts to go places with friends, as in "I'm going to spend the night at Stephanie's" but you have a feeling that's not really where she's going. A cell phone helps keep in touch, an... Read More »