What is the marine corps active reserve (ar) program?

Answer A military reserve is a section of a branch the armed forces that can be called to regular duty as needed. The Marine Corps Active Reserve is one component of the Marine Corps Reserve.Identificatio... Read More »

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If I'm enlisted in the Army Reserve and also in an ROTC Program do I have to drop that program if my Reserve unit is called into active duty?

Typically, cadets don't get mobilized. I guess the army feels that it's more important for you to finish school than to go to war. That doesn't mean it's impossible, I just don't believe I've ever ... Read More »

What is the Marine Corps Reserve?

Just like other branches of the United Sates military, the Marine Corps has a reserve force called the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR), which can be called upon in times of war or emergency.Eligi... Read More »

What are the marine corps reserve age requirements?

You can enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve between the ages of 17 through 29, although 17-year-olds require parental consent. Anyone who has active service in the Armed Forces may enlist up to 32 y... Read More »

How long is a Marine Corps Reserve contract?

Enlisting in the Marine Corps Reserves means an eight-year commitment that requires service in two drills: The active Reserves and the Individual Ready Reserves (IRR). Recruits have four options fo... Read More »