What is the marginal rate of substitution?

Answer The marginal rate of substitution represents an important element in economic theory regarding consumer choice. It refers to the rate at which an individual is willing to substitute one product for... Read More »

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What is the marginal tax rate on a lump-sum tax?

The maximum tax bracket or schedule amount would be at 35%.Go to the web site and use the search box for 2009 federal tax rate schedules go to page 13Click on the below Related Link

Is the average or the marginal tax rate more relevant to a new business startup?

On One Hand: The Marginal Tax Rate Is More RelevantThe marginal tax rate provides the rate at which each additional dollar is taxed until the next margin is reached. If you can lower the income of ... Read More »

Under what administration was the top marginal rate of the federal personal income tax lowered?

Many presidential administrations have lowered the top marginal tax rate on personal income. However, the most drastic and permanent decreases came during the Reagan Administration. The top margina... Read More »

How to Use Substitution in Algebra 2?

In Algebra II, you often will have to solve systems of equations. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is substitution, a process in which you solve for one of the variables, using one... Read More »