What is the major source of energy for food chains?

Answer A food chain is a linkage of how living things acquire energy from another living thing. Plants are the major sources of energy in a food chain, because they are abundant. Plants are consumed by an... Read More »

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What source do all food chains begin with?

All food chains start with what is known as a primary producer, a green plant that contains the pigment chlorophyll and is capable of converting the energy of the sun into chemical energy by photos... Read More »

What is fungi's major source of energy?

The major source of energy for fungi is organic matter, dead or living. Fungi lack chlorophyll and cannot make their own food, unlike green plants. Some fungi need living hosts, others break down d... Read More »

What is a major source of biomass energy?

Large sources of biomass energy include trees, grasses, oil plants such as sunflowers and soybeans, and leftover wastes ("biomass residues"). These photosynthetic resources capture the energy of th... Read More »

Is protein a major source of energy for the body?

Yes, protein is a major source of energy but we also need carbohydrates for energy, that's why athletes eat a lot of pasta before or after an event. Protein would include; cooked chicken, beef, fis... Read More »