What is the main reason that you use the internet?

Answer You can do anything you want !I use it for Msn , search important things, play some games soccer manager or OFM....searching for new things !

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What do you think the main reason people use internet?

e-mail homework personal and work business

What is the main reason you have orphans?

Children are only orphans when they have no legal guardian or parent to go to.

The main reason why the irs system was shut down exposed!!!?

Uhhh... This bust has nothing to do with the problems that the IRS is having with processing tax returns this year. Fraud investigations are on-going every year and the IRS makes a number of simi... Read More »

What would be the main reason for a person to join military?

a careera jobfree trainingtravel (free)help defend ones countypridepaid retirementfew dozen other reasons..............................