What is the main language of Italy?

Answer The official language of Italy is Italian, a descendant of Latin and later the Tuscan dialect. The largest group of non-Italian speakers is people who speak Sardinian, a romance language that has m... Read More »

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What language do they speak in Italy?

The official language of Italy is Italian, which is spoken by 93 percent of the population, according to Kwintessential, a company that specializes in intercultural communication. Approximately hal... Read More »

What was the language in italy in the 1800s?

Although Italians in different regions of the country spoke many dialects of their own Latin-inspired Italian language in the 1800s, the Tuscan dialect of Italian became the country's official lang... Read More »

What language do the people in Italy speak?

The official language of Italy, a southern European country shaped like a boot, is Italian. In a few northern parts of Italy, small minority groups speak German, French or Slovene.Source:CIA World ... Read More »

What is the official language of Rome, Italy?

Rome is the capital city of Italy. Italian is the official language of the entire country of Italy, and therefore also of its capital city. Despite Italian being widely spoken around the country fo... Read More »