What is the main job role of a doctor?

Answer A doctor is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats patients who have an illness or injury. These professionals typically work in hospitals, medical facilities or a private practice.Educati... Read More »

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Who is the actor who plays the main role in the DirecTV meeting commercials?

If you are talking about the main guy who has ridiculous ideas it is John Michael Higgins from some of Christopher Guest's films: Best in Show an A Mighty Wind. He is a very accomplished actor who ... Read More »

What is the name of the actress that played the role of the Doctor at the rehab center in Dancing with the stars Nov 20 2007?

karina was the pro who was paired with Mario mustve been very close as Mario was really the far better dancer

How does role of department of homeland security differ from traditional role of the military?

Whats wrong with my simple program! (exception in thread main at greeting 1.main)?

The whole point of this program is to pass the parameters to it at run time. So how are you running the program?If you are running the program from the command line then you should typejava Greeti... Read More »