What is the main job of the executive branch?

Answer The U.S. government has three branches: legislative, judicial and executive. Congress is the legislative branch that makes the laws and the Supreme Court is the judicial branch that upholds them. T... Read More »

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What is an executive branch job?

The U.S. Constitution establishes three branches of government: the legislative to make laws; the executive to enforce the laws; and the judicial to interpret the laws. The president is the head of... Read More »

Projects That 7th Grade Can Do for the Executive Branch?

The branches of government can be difficult for some students to understand. The many jobs and components of each branch make comprehension of this concept all the more daunting to conquer. Student... Read More »

Is the secret service apart of the executive branch?

The main ones are 'Secret' and 'Service', usually utilized in that order.

What Are Some of the Duties of the State's Executive Branch?

The executive branch of a state's government is composed of high-ranking officials such as the governor, lieutenant governor and the attorney general. These elected and appointed officials work tog... Read More »