What is the main injury a professional piano player suffers?

Answer Professional piano players often suffer the same injuries. Stress injuries are most common because of the hand and arm movements piano players constantly make. These injuries can become permanent i... Read More »

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How to Convert a Piano to a Player Piano?

If you long to hear live piano music right in your own home, but lack the time or motivation to practice, you can convert your unused piano into a player piano instead. Although some pianos are sol... Read More »

Who created the player piano?

The first player piano was invented in 1863 in France by Henri Forneaux. The player piano was called the Forneaux Pianista, and it was the first pneumatic piano mechanism. The Pianista was introduc... Read More »

How to Pump a Player Piano?

A player piano is an instrument that resembles a regular piano, but is played when a mechanism that is powered by air, "reads" rolls of paper with specific perforations on them. When the mechanism ... Read More »

Who invented the player piano?

A player piano plays itself via a pneumatic or electro-mechanical assembly. In 1863, Frenchman Henri Fourneaux invented the player piano, and it was shown at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibi... Read More »