What is the main ingredients of soil?

Answer Humus and weathered rock

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What are the four main ingredients of hershey's chocolate?

The four main ingredients of Hershey's chocolate are chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, and fresh whole milk. The milk is brought in daily by trucks, after which it is tested, pasteurized and t... Read More »

What Is the Main Way That Nitrogen Gas Leaves the Soil & Gets to the Air?

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria convert gaseous nitrogen into "fixed" forms that plants can use. Other bacteria called denitrifying bacteria undo their work by converting soil nitrates back into nitrogen ... Read More »

3 Basic Potting Soil Ingredients?

All plants have specific nutrition and watering needs. Those requirements are met through the potting soil in which it is planted. Three basic ingredients in potting soils are the foundation for pr... Read More »

Main Ingredients in Shampoo?

Shampoo often contains a long list of ingredients that sounds confusing. Though components can vary between different types and brands of shampoo, they generally share the same main ingredients. S... Read More »