What is Bella's last name in the book series"Twilight"?

Answer In the Twilight book series by Stephanie Meyers, the female protagonist's name is Isabella Swann. She prefers to go by the nickname Bella, and is referred to commonly as Bella Swann. Bella is a hum... Read More »

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What is the name of the tv series that the main character lived forever of until killed by another like himself?

Name The 6 Main Characters and Actors from the Friends series?

Rachel Green: Jennifer AnistonDr. Ross Geller: David SchwimmerMonica Geller-Bing: Courtney Cox ArquetteChandler Bing: Matthew PerryJoey Tribbiani: Matt Le BlancPhoebe Buffay: Lisa Kudrow

The name of the Sci fi police TV series that had a special task force fighting aliensmonsters It featured a very angry dwarf as one of the main characters?

What was the name of that childrens tv series that aired in the 1980s with the main character called Hope who was magically transported to this forest to help the animals defeat the cruel ruler?