What is the main function of the hamstring?

Answer The hamstrings are a group of muscles in the leg that serve two main functions in the movement of the body. Because of the basic functions that they serve they are often a source of injury.Hamstrin... Read More »

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What is the purpose&function of the hamstring?

Hamstrings are string-like tendons located on the back of the upper leg, which connects the tibia and fibula bones to the lower legs below the knee joint. The hamstring also refers to posterior thi... Read More »

What is the main function of the CIA?

No. It was time traveling extremists from the future.JFK would have become stronger than you could ever imagine.It had to be done.

What is the main function of lipids?

AnswerLipids are fats. Their primary purpose in the body is energy storage- a very small mass of lipids can store a very large amount of energy, which is excellent if you don't happen to have a rea... Read More »

What is the main function of the liver?

The liver performs many essential functions for the body, including filtering toxins from the blood, aiding the digestive system and distributing nutrients throughout the body, and producing protei... Read More »