What is the main example of Greek paintings?

Answer Ancient Greece had a number of expert painters, according to the However, most of the work of these painters has failed to survive to the 21st century, leaving painted pottery ... Read More »

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What is the main symbol of Christmas in most Greek homes?

According to the World of Christmas, the main symbol of Christmas in Greece is a small wooden bowl. A wire is suspended across the rim of the bowl, and a wooden cross with a piece of the herb basil... Read More »

Who were main 10 Greek tragedians?

Greek literature boasts three great writers of tragedy whose works are extant: Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides.

The Main Ingredient in the Greek Dish Taramasalata?

Taramosalata is a popular Greek meze--a small dish usually served as an appetizer--and is usually eaten as a dip with raw vegetables or bread. The color of the dip can vary from beige to bright pin... Read More »

Why are most of the main characters in Gundam Seed and GSD orphans for example Kira Lacus Athrun Rey Shinn and Cagalli?