What colours of wedding decor should I use if my maids dresses are bright red with abit of black in them?

Answer white and brown

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Do you tip hotel maids?

According to Consumer's Reports in the United States, you should tip hotel maids between $2 and $5 per night. Larger gratuities are expected at higher-end properties, and tipping customs vary in ot... Read More »

How Much Do Maids Get Paid?

Maids, also known as housekeepers, work in hotels, motels and in people's homes. They clean bathrooms, change the sheets and blankets on beds, empty waste paper baskets and vacuum carpets. These ho... Read More »

Is merry maids worth the money?

On One Hand: It Makes Life EasierMerry Maids is worth the money because, as opposed to your just hiring a housekeeper or independent cleaning person, the company takes care of all the federal and s... Read More »

How much does Molly Maids pay?

Molly Maids pays an average of $12 an hour for maids as of November 2009. This puts them in the middle range for maid salaries, which is $9.65 to $17.30 per hour for five to nine years of experienc... Read More »