What is the magnifying power of a lens?

Answer The standard magnification value of the average magnifying glass lens is .25 m. This is the difference between the maximum size at which you can view the image with your naked eye (holding it as cl... Read More »

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How do I Add a Magnifying Lens to a Red Burning Laser?

The intensity of a red laser beam is dictated by both the amount of power being fed to the electronics powering it along with how tightly focused the beam being generated is. Adding a magnifying gl... Read More »

Does a magnifying glass use a diverging lens?

A magnifying glass uses a converging lens called a convex lens to magnify objects in the focus of the lens. Converging lenses are thicker in the middle than at the edges, while diverging lenses ar... Read More »

A Magnifying Glass Uses What Kind of Convex Lens?

A magnifying glass is a special kind of lens called a bi-convex lens, because the lens is convex on each side. The lens curves outward and forms a dome, because the lens is thicker in the center an... Read More »

Different Kinds of Microscopes & Their Magnifying Power?

A microscope is a device that magnifies small objects, including things that are invisible to the naked eye. The magnifying power of a microscope depends on what illumination source it uses, such a... Read More »