What is the lysosome of a cell?

Answer Lysosomes perform various digestive functions for a cell including digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and transport of waste to the cell membrane for excretion. They use a wide variety ... Read More »

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Where is the lysosome located in plant cells?

Lysosomes, which aid cellular digestion, are rarely found in plant cells. When they appear, lysosomes can be found in the cytosol outside the endoplasmic reticulum. Cytoplasm, the more common name... Read More »

Will Android Support Free WiFi Use of Cell Phones Kogan Technologies is coming out with a cell phone based on the Android Platform.. is the era of free cell phone use about to begin?

yes android can be connected to any free (or encrypted) WiFi access point ... kogan agora is not on market ... but there is a lot of other android phones ... HTC HERO, just use google search ...

How do I automatically transfer info from a cell in an Excel workbook to another cell on a separate sheet?

There is no shortcut key combination to transfer data from one worksheet to another one in the same workbook. What you need is to create a formula in the second worksheet that uses a reference to ... Read More »

How do I do a Carriage Return Within a Cell in Microsoft Excel for a column, more than one cell?

Whether your formula is using the CONCATENATE function or just using the Ampersand (&) to combine values, there are two different characters available to cause a second line to begin: • CHAR(1... Read More »