What is the term used in golf for a score of one over the par for the golf hole?

Answer The golf term for one over par (par being the average number of strokes for a hole or a course) is a bogey--e.g. a score of 4 on a par 3 hole. Even worse, a double bogey is a score of 2 over par f... Read More »

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What is the lowest credit score you can get?

The lowest possible credit score that you can get using the FICO credit scoring model is 300. Only about 2 percent of people have credit scores below 500. Another 5 percent have credit scores betwe... Read More »

What is the lowest credit score possible?

According to the Federal Citizen Information System, the lowest possible credit score given by the Fair Issac Corp. (FICO) is 300. The highest possible FICO score is 850. Individual credit reportin... Read More »

What was the lowest price ever for a barrel of oil?

The lowest price ever recorded for a barrel of crude oil was 40 cents in the southwestern U.S. in 1930. The sharp decline in price, from a peak wellhead price of $2.24 in 1926, was due to an overwh... Read More »

What is the lowest seed to ever win the NCAA tournament?

In 1985 the Villanova Wildcats--an eighth seed--defeated the Georgetown Hoyas to win the NCAA men's basketball tournament and national championship, the lowest seed to do so. Georgetown was known f... Read More »