What is the lowest layer of the Earth's atmosphere?

Answer The lowest layer of the Earth's atmosphere is called the troposphere. It contains half the earth's atmosphere and is the thickest layer. The other four layers thin out the farther they are from the... Read More »

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What is the lowest average surface temperature on the Earth for the Northern Hemisphere?

Each of two locations in Russia claims to be the coldest place the Northern Hemisphere: Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon. Both of their average low temperatures in January range between -52 and -54 degree... Read More »

How to upload place name in google earth?

Log in to using your google username. If more people upload the place and it genuineness is verified then only Goolge will upload it to Google Maps and Google Earth.

Whats your favorite place to Google Earth?

I love looking at the Sahara desert, the beaches of Lebanon, Mount Everest, and the valleys and mountains of USA.

Have you ever been onto Google Earth to look up an important place in your past, only to find it redeveloped?

The houses in which I grew up, are now open fields.So much for preservation orders.