What's the lowest amount of money a student needs in the UK, if only their college fees are paid?

Answer I had all my fees paid for during my uni years but the other costs to think about are rent, bills and food. As an example, I studied in London for 4 years and the average rent per year ranged from ... Read More »

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How much are NFL players paid?

As of the 2009 season, the minimum base salary for an NFL player is $310,000. The highest paid player in 2009 was San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, who made $25,556,630 in total salary.... Read More »

Do minor league baseball players get paid?

Minor league baseball players earn a maximum of $1,100 a month during their first season. After that, their contracts are open to negotiation. They also are given a stipend of $25 per day for meals... Read More »

Why do doctors and surgeons get paid way less than actors and sports players?

It's all about the profit margain. Hospitals can only charge as much as they can get the public to pay for operations.Entertainment has a higher profit margain since there are bigger audiences, thu... Read More »

Average Salary for Soccer Players?

Soccer player salaries vary drastically, depending on the league, the position played and whether the team is semi-professional or professional.