How much are NFL players paid?

Answer As of the 2009 season, the minimum base salary for an NFL player is $310,000. The highest paid player in 2009 was San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, who made $25,556,630 in total salary.... Read More »

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What's the lowest amount of money a student needs in the UK, if only their college fees are paid?

I had all my fees paid for during my uni years but the other costs to think about are rent, bills and food. As an example, I studied in London for 4 years and the average rent per year ranged from ... Read More »

Paid an annual salary of 27500semimonthly What is his gross pay per pay period?

Gross pay for each pay period for 24 pay periods would each be 1145.83.Paid twice a month.If paid every 2 month the amount would be 4583.33 for 6 pay periods.

Do minor league baseball players get paid?

Minor league baseball players earn a maximum of $1,100 a month during their first season. After that, their contracts are open to negotiation. They also are given a stipend of $25 per day for meals... Read More »

Average Salary for Soccer Players?

Soccer player salaries vary drastically, depending on the league, the position played and whether the team is semi-professional or professional.