What is the lowest level of normal prolactin?

Answer Prolactin levels in men range from 2 to 18 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter), according to the National Institutes of Health. Non-pregnant women have prolactin levels ranging from 2 to 29 ng/DL. Prol... Read More »

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Why our prolactin level went high...?

The normal values for prolactin are:--* Males: 2 - 18 ng/mL* Nonpregnant females: 2 - 29 ng/mL* Pregnant women: 10 - 209 ng/mLNote:-- ng/mL = nanograms per milliliterPeople with the following cond... Read More »

Age 78 yrs hemoglobin level is 9.5 ESR is 48 Is the ESR level normal and what precautions are to be taken and what are its implications?

Your ESR level is pretty normal for your age: a general guideline is that it should be roughly less than your age divided by 2, or for a woman, age+10 divided by 2. So if you are male, it is a touc... Read More »

My blood sugar level is 8.6 what is the normal level?

under 6. People in US use mgl and under 110 (or 100 depending on who you ask) is normal. In other countries they use mmol, hence the reading of 8.6. It's not just the poster that needs educating!!!... Read More »

The water level in my toilet is the lowest it's been in years, are we really in the middle of a drought?

Stop drinking out of the toilet again and things will return to normal!