What is the love story behind Cinema 3D?

Answer The idea of it tends to be more appealing than the actual experience- especially for young kids. It's so inexplicable. The glasses are annoying (not to mention unsanitary) and 3D isn't a new develo... Read More »

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Is the Cinema 3D TV love story true?

I have no idea if its true or not but the idea is simple. 3D TV was created out of love and with love it should be used. I think I just wrote a quotable just now lol.

What is the story behind the italian horn?

The Italian horn, also known as a corno, is of ancient origin, steeped in mythology. This long, curved amulet, which is shaped like a stretched-out "S," is worn for protection against the "evil eye... Read More »

What is the story behind Alicia, Layla and Jacob in Emmerdale?

All we know is that Leyla was made to give up Jacob when he was born by her mother and he was handed to her sister as she was unable to have children.Was it done all legal and above board?Justin wh... Read More »

What is the most number of stitches you've had at one time What is your story behind it?

Something like 14-18 in my foot after I stepped on a piece of broken glass. Someone broke a bottle and set it in the sand in the water. It was invisible. The doctor was an idiot. After about two we... Read More »