What is the loudest iPod compatible boombox?

Answer The loudest, most powerful Boombox has got to be the TDK 3 Speaker Boombox:

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How to Play Your iPod on a Boombox?

Do you want some loud and portable iPod speakers without paying a ton of money? If you have an old boombox around, your dreams can become a reality!

Which speakers or sounddock are the loudest for iPod?

Is the new iPod Touch compatible with older iPod accessories?

yes it is as long as the cetain accessorie will fit an ipod touch.iPod touches must have special cases, but things like headphones or iHomes will work with the iPod touch like any other iPod.BUT, s... Read More »

Which boombox should I buy for better noise or better value?

I vote for Sony rg880 as best here, i had both and Sony is well Sony. I saw one guy wrote and aksed people do a survey here i think and 500+ are for Sony. Do i need to say anything more.