What is the loudest car subwoofer ever made?

Answer The 18-inch 9918Z by Digital Designs is the loudest car subwoofer ever made. It was recorded at 180.5db and is driven by four Stetsom KD amps at 26,000 watts. This measurement was taken in 2007 and... Read More »

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Biggest, loudest subwoofer?

If you want a room shaker on that small a budget you're going to build it yourself.… Get two or more at least 15" or larger woofers and put them in as... Read More »

How to Connect the Bash 300W Digital Subwoofer Amplifier to a Subwoofer?

The Bash digital subwoofer amplifier is a 300 watt amplifier manufactured by O Audio that is capable of delivering 300 watts RMS at four ohms. Despite being called a digital amplifier, the amplifi... Read More »

Can a Power Subwoofer Be Changed to a Regular Subwoofer?

Powered subwoofers, also known as active subwoofers, contain an internal amplifier that powers the speaker -- or speakers -- within the enclosure. While these subwoofers are intended to be used as-... Read More »

Type of subwoofer for tv with subwoofer output?

Go for active, active will give you far more power and control than the TV can.With passive if the TV doesn't give the sub enough power there is little you can do about it, but with active you can ... Read More »