Where is the Lost City of Atlantis located?

Answer The exact location of Atlantis is unknown. However, Dr. Iain Stewart of the BBC says Plato, the philosopher who gave birth to the Atlantis myth, could have used real Mediterranean locations as insp... Read More »

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Does Atlantis the lost city exist?

As of 2010, researchers have not proven that Atlantis exists. Scholars agree that fifth-century Greek philosopher Plato popularized the legend of the lost city of Atlantis. They speculate that the ... Read More »

This guy I work with claims to have found the lost city of Atlantis using Google Earth. Is he crazy?

Maybe he is...Google Earth uses satellite imagery that cannot penetrate to any great depth in water. As Atlantis is supposed to have sunk into the ocean/sea I would have to say there is no way he ... Read More »

Where was the lost continent of Atlantis?

No one knows for sure the whereabouts of the lost continent of Atlantis. According to National Geographic, possible candidates for the location of the lost continent of Atlantis include "the Caribb... Read More »

Where is the lost island of Atlantis?

According to the originator of the story, Greek philosopher Plato, the lost island of Atlantis was a powerful empire located west of the Straight of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean. In 2005, scient... Read More »