What is the longst you have gone with out sleep?

Answer Longest I've gone was 4 and a half days after I witnessed my husbands murder, couldn't sleep at all.

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What is the most amount of years you have gone with out throwing up?

I hardly ever throw up. Often times when I feel the need to do so, I will talk myself out of it. It's probably been at least 13 years for me. I puked one morning when I was first pregnant with m... Read More »

Have any of you had a very rough first labor/delivery and then gone on to have a better experience with others?

Yes! My first was 36 hours of hard labor and 4 hours of pushing in every position imaginable. Episiotomy (warranted, IMO, because of the 4 hours of pushing and baby's position) and vacuum assisted ... Read More »

Have you ever gone to bed with a penguin.?

A couple of penguins actually and a wagon wheel and don't forget the viscounts! crumbs.... it was crowded.

Do you have to be put to sleep to have your back teeth out or can you you have them out with a local?

%REPLIES% Answer It depends:Assuming the back teeth you are describing are your Wisdom teeth.Depending how many need to be extracted, and if they are impacted, some denists would reccommend you go ... Read More »