What is the longest you can be dilated before you go into labor?

Answer you can be dilated for months before you actually go into labor.

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Im 32 weeks 2 cm dilated and 70 percent efface how long before you go into labor?

When I was discharged they told me that I have to be wheeled out in the wheel chair because it was "policy" honestly I don't understand why if I wanted to walk out. But I can't change it.

If you are 37 weeks 2 cm dilated and 60 percent effaced and the baby's head is VERY low how much longer should you expect before going into labor?

Answer You could go into labout tomorrow or you may have to wait 3-4 weeks, there is no way of telling.

If you are dilated to 2 and are 50 percent effaced what are the odds of how fast you go into labor?

probabaly not long you are showing signs of going into labor on your own but that can change sometimes you may require some petocin to help you proceed

How long can you be dilated to 2 cm before labor starts?

its different for everyone, first babys usually take the longest and you can be 2cms for a long time, sometimes days, just stay slowly active carry on doing day to day things, keep energy levels up... Read More »