What is the longest wikipedia article ever?

Answer Longest:…2nd:…3rd:…4th:…5... Read More »

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What is the longest wikipedia article?

There are many articles published by Wikipedia. Wikipedia has the limit of words upto 10000 words and if any long article take place then it would be divided and split into different articles like ... Read More »

What is the longest article on Wikipedia?

On the English Wikipedia, currently "Line of succession to the British throne" is the longest article, at 446,218 bytes. See it at <… >.One byte correspon... Read More »

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What was the first ever article on Wikipedia?

The first ever edit of wikipedia was a test edit with the text "Hello, World!" by Jimbo Wales.Some old edits found by hand were:* 7 February 2001 - WolfgangMozart* 23 January 2001 - ThomasEdison, J... Read More »