What is the requirements to pass Navy Seal Training Not to join but to pass to become one?

Answer There is no set requirement to pass Navy SEAL training, or BUD/s. You should blow the minimum requirements to join out of the water because that is just the minimum. Go into BUD/s as a very well co... Read More »

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What school started touchdown push-ups?

No definitive answer on who started the touchdown push-ups tradition. The University of Houston suggests that it might have originated with its Mascot Shasta in celebration of its high scoring foot... Read More »

I know this is gross, but I cant pass a hard stool . What should I do. It is almost ready to pass but cant!?

If you are to the point where you sit on the toilet and are straining hard and can feel the stool trying to come out then you are past the point of stool softeners and other things helping.What it ... Read More »

How to Throw a Touchdown?

Throwing a touchdown is tough. It requires patience, skill, a team that works as a team and trustworthy linesmen. This article works best if the team is within 15 yards of the end zone.

Can a football game end on a touchdown?

A football game can end on a touchdown only if the game is in overtime. A touchdown scored in regulation time must be followed by an extra-point attempt, even if no time remains on the clock.Refere... Read More »