Whats the longest you ever slept without waking up?

Answer I slept the entire winter. I'm a bear rawwr!!!

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Whats the longest time you've ever brushed your teeth for?

clean healthy mouths don't bleed but you can cause tooth brush abrasion with excessive brushing

What's the longest time someone has stayed awake with no sleep?

No you cannot get the record NOW. As far as I know, they have removed that category as it is dangerous to the health of the competitor. 11 days of sleep will cause someone to hallucinate as the br... Read More »

What is the longest amount of time someone has been in a coma and AWOKEN from from it?

According to my book: The Unexplained - Strange People the longest coma was 29 years where the person did wake up and live the rest of her life..It says:29 yearsAnne Shapiro of Florida, USA1963-199... Read More »

Ever slept in the bath/shower?

I've fallen asleep in the bathtub before, but never the shower.