What is the longest amount of time someone has been in a coma and AWOKEN from from it?

Answer According to my book: The Unexplained - Strange People the longest coma was 29 years where the person did wake up and live the rest of her life..It says:29 yearsAnne Shapiro of Florida, USA1963-199... Read More »

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Question about coma and risk in returning to a coma?

I don't know all that much about comas specifically, but medical situations do tend to repeat themselves, especially where chronic illness is present.Our bodies all have their own fingerprints of w... Read More »

What is the longest amount of time you have spent on your computer at one time (hours)?

Hmm. I'm not quite sure what the longest was, but the most recent was the easter break. 5 days straight, only moving to piss and get food.

What is the longest exposure time without a filter?

The Nikon DSLR's usually have a maximum exposure time in Bulb of 30 minutes. At such long exposure times there is often some hot-pixel noise even with the long exposure noise reduction running. T... Read More »

What's the longest TIME you've spent on the computer?

8.5 hrs with an hr break in between, i do that 5 days a week,at work then go home and spend a little more time on the comp