What is the scientific term of pasma?

Answer From my experience being a good aunt to a newborn is about being a good support to the parents. No sleep, a lot of pain and short fuzes will lead to a high stress environment for the parents and th... Read More »

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What is the scientific term for a third nipple?

Answer A supernumerary nipple (also known as a third nipple, accessory nipple, polythelia or polymastia) is an additional nipple occurring in mammals including humans. Often mistaken for moles, su... Read More »

What Is the Scientific Term for the Ears on a Planarian?

Planaria belong to the phylum Platyhelminthes, or flattened worms. Most planaria live in fresh water, but some live in salt water, or in moist places on land. Although some members of Platyhelminth... Read More »

What is the longest mortgage term I can get?

The longest fixed-mortgage term is 50 years. The ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) was first introduced by Statewide Bancorp of Rancho Cucamonga, California. The mortgage payments are fixed for the fi... Read More »

Scientific Term for the Arrangement of Sunflower Seeds in the Head of a Sunflower?

Two scientific terms are associated with the patterns in the head of a sunflower, the leaflets of a pine cone, and other patterns that seem orderly in nature. However, neither the "golden ratio" no... Read More »