What is the longest river in Kansas?

Answer The longest river in Kansas is the Arkansas River. In total, the Arkansas River runs 1,460 miles. The other major rivers in Kansas are the Kansas River, Republican River, Missouri River and the Smo... Read More »

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What is the longest river in Russia?

The Lena River, which flows north through Siberia, is approximately 2,730 miles long, making it the longest river that lies entirely within Russia. It begins in Lake Baikal and flows northward to i... Read More »

What is the longest river in Southeast Asia?

The longest river in Southeast Asia is the Mekong. Its course runs through territories in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. The Mekong is also the twelfth longest river in the w... Read More »

Which is the longest river: the Rhine or Rhone?

The Rhine River, which flows from the Swiss Alps through Western Germany to the Netherlands and the North Sea, is more than twice as long as France's Rhone River. The Rhine is 766 miles long, where... Read More »

Is the South Pole in South America?

The South Pole is not located on the continent of South America. The exact location of the point is at a latitude of 90 degrees south latitude, near the center of the continent of Antarctica.Source... Read More »