What is the longest living sea creature?

Answer A quahog clam, which scientists fished out of the waters near Iceland, is estimated to be approximately 405 years old. Not only is this clam the longest-lived individual sea animal, but it is the o... Read More »

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Who is the longest living person with mesothelioma?

Paul Kraus is the world's longest living survivor of mesothelioma. When Kraus was diagnosed in June 1997, he was told he had only months to live. He turned to holistic medicine for a cure. As of 20... Read More »

When did the first living organisms live on earth?

The first living organisms lived during what is known as the Archean Eon, between about 2.5 and 4 billion years ago, according to the Smithsonian Institution. While there is no precise date for the... Read More »

What was the earliest known group of living organisms on Earth?

It is impossible to determine absolutely the earliest living organisms using today's scientific techniques. Although most scientists agree that the Archaea, simple bacteria-like organisms, were the... Read More »

Ideas for Earth Tone Living Room Decorations?

Decorating in earth tones is a simple way to make a living room feel calm, comfortable and welcoming. Decorate to complement those earth tones. This will tie the whole room together and give it a p... Read More »