Did Oprah Winfrey ever do her talk-show at Southwestern High School in Baltimore?

Answer It was in the 12 season episode 6.Watch it on

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What was the longest home run ever hit?

The technology for accurately measuring home runs has been in place since 1982. During that time, the longest home run recorded was by Cecil Fielder of the Detroit Tigers, who hit a ball 502 feet i... Read More »

What is the longest pregnancy ever?

I think it is between an elephant and a whale. Both carry for close to or about two years.

What is the longest book ever published?

Commissioned for publication by the Chinese Ming Dynasty in 1403 and completed in 1408, the "Yongle Dadian" is recognized as the longest book ever written. It is one of the first encyclopedias ever... Read More »

What is the longest baby ever born?

The longest baby ever was over 2 feet long. This was recorded in Guy's Hospital in London in June 1992. The baby was born to the Thomas family from the Hersham area of Surrey.