How to Measure the Distance Thrown for a Javelin?

Answer Javelin is a track and field event in which the competitor throws a long metal object, approximately 2.5 meters in length and in the shape of a spear, the furthest distance possible. A run up is us... Read More »

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What injuries would a person likely get if they are hit side on by a car and are thrown a certain distance?

What is the speed of a thrown football?

The speed of a thrown football is around 40-60 mph. Quarterbacks such as stars Peyton Manning and Brett Favre have the power, the body and the mechanics to throw a football 60 mph and above.Source:... Read More »

What was the longest football throw in a stadium in the air?

There is no official record for the longest pass in the air because game statistics include the pass and subsequent run. The longest in the air is thought to be an 83-yard pass from Cowboys quarter... Read More »

How long was the longest football game in history?

The longest game in professional football history occurred in 1971 when the Miami Dolphins beat the Kansas City Chiefs in a playoff game. The game encompassed 60 minutes of regulation play followed... Read More »