What is the longest book ever published?

Answer Commissioned for publication by the Chinese Ming Dynasty in 1403 and completed in 1408, the "Yongle Dadian" is recognized as the longest book ever written. It is one of the first encyclopedias ever... Read More »

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Which children's tv programme is featured in the guinnes book of records as one of the longest running programmes ever?

I think that Anita is 21 because she and Victor are quite young compared to other characters... Changed daily is 51, Professor professor is 39 and victor is 22

When was 'The Book of Nonsense' by Edward Lear published--publisher E M Hale and Company Eau Claire Wisconsin as there is no date or ISBN number in book?

Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense was first published in 1846. It has been in the public domain for years, so there are a great variety of editions. Lear was English, and no American edition of his wo... Read More »

What was the first book published in history?

There is some debate about the first published book. The Gutenberg Bible, published in the 15th century, is widely considered to be the first book published using a modern printing press. According... Read More »

What language was the book 'Heidi' originally published in?

Heidi, by Swiss author Johanna Spyri, was written in German.