Does anyone that adopted a kid ever wish they'd stayed childfree?

Answer I have never wished that I would have stayed childfree. My son is my world. I would do anything for him. Now there ARE those *moments* that every mom has that makes you ask yourself "why in the ... Read More »

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What's the longest time someone has stayed awake with no sleep?

No you cannot get the record NOW. As far as I know, they have removed that category as it is dangerous to the health of the competitor. 11 days of sleep will cause someone to hallucinate as the br... Read More »

How late have you ever stayed up?

Around 80 hours without sleep. Don't remind was NOT pleasant.I never knew stone monuments could look like people shaking...

What was the longest home run ever hit?

The technology for accurately measuring home runs has been in place since 1982. During that time, the longest home run recorded was by Cecil Fielder of the Detroit Tigers, who hit a ball 502 feet i... Read More »

What is the longest pregnancy ever?

I think it is between an elephant and a whale. Both carry for close to or about two years.