Has anyone ever made you a .......?

Answer No but someone should, I think I deserve it.

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Has anyone ever tried/ made dishes with edible flowers?

I have a farmer friend who puts together an organic field greens lettuce blend that he adds marigolds, pansies, violets and some other flowers too. The violets and pansies taste pretty good, the ... Read More »

Has anyone ever made Alfredo sauce without Whipping Cream?

When I was chef, we used 10% or half and half, we simmered it with the garlic and used it as the sauce base, when the order came in we dropped the pre-cooked dried or fresh pasta to cook, then rehe... Read More »

Has anyone ever made a rude comment to you while you were breastfeeding in public?

When my older son was a newborn, I was nursing him in the car, and was harassed by several guys who thought it was funny to make fun of us and expose themselves at me. I called 911, but by the tim... Read More »

Has anyone ever made you feel less of a woman because of fertility issues?

Hey Sweetheart,That's so horrible what your friend said...but I think you are right...people make other people feel less of a woman for having fertility issues....I remember a very good (male) frie... Read More »