Has anyone ever had Laser as in Lasik surgery on their eyes?

Answer Read over this very, very carefully and just.. say no to lasik. It's not worth the risk of being one of those 'rare few' (hah) who end up disabled from the side effects. Read More »

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Has anyone ever picked a flower from their garden and give it to you?

Did anyone out there ever use ThermalDry tiles on their basement floor?

yes they are very sliperry i fell over last year, hit my hed and was paralysed from the neck down, dont buy them get a proffesional in and seduce him to get 20% off

Has anyone ever completly smashed their computer apart in a fit of anger?

Not with my own machine because if I have a problem with that doesn't solve by re-booting thenI just simply reload windows.I save all my files on an external hard drive and save all my set up files... Read More »

Has anyone else ever dropped their cell phones in the toilet?

I sell cell phones and you would not believe how many people come in here and say they dropped there cell phone in the toilet it's unbelievable don't worry your not the only one. It's just gross w... Read More »