What is the longest a person has gone without blinking?

Answer There is no official record stating the longest time a person has gone without blinking. Stephen Smith of England kept his eyes open for 2 minutes and 42 seconds in May 2003, according to the websi... Read More »

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Whats the longest you'v went without sleep?

Well I have stayed awake for around 36 hours, but I am really not good a running on no sleep, I become disoriented and feel practically drunk, blurred vision, laughing inappropriately, it's weird.

How long can a person live without sleep?

A good book to read about this is Sleep Thieves by Stanley Coren. He tells a few stories of people who tried to sustain wakefulness. One famous case is the disc jockey Peter Tripp who in 1959 staye... Read More »

Can a person die of a heart attack in their sleep without feeling any pain?

Yes, people have what is called a "Silent Heart Attack" all the time, especially women. I am a cardiology nurse and we have had to inform many patients that they have had a silent MI. So, in our pr... Read More »

What is the longest a person went to jail for credit card fraud?

The longest jail sentence given for credit card fraud was a 20-year sentence imposed on Cuban American Albert Gonzalez in March, 2010. Gonzalez stole a total of 40 million credit card details.Refer... Read More »