Whats the longest you'v went without sleep?

Answer Well I have stayed awake for around 36 hours, but I am really not good a running on no sleep, I become disoriented and feel practically drunk, blurred vision, laughing inappropriately, it's weird.

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What's the longest time someone has stayed awake with no sleep?

No you cannot get the record NOW. As far as I know, they have removed that category as it is dangerous to the health of the competitor. 11 days of sleep will cause someone to hallucinate as the br... Read More »

What is the longest a person has gone without blinking?

There is no official record stating the longest time a person has gone without blinking. Stephen Smith of England kept his eyes open for 2 minutes and 42 seconds in May 2003, according to the websi... Read More »

Who is the longest living person with mesothelioma?

Paul Kraus is the world's longest living survivor of mesothelioma. When Kraus was diagnosed in June 1997, he was told he had only months to live. He turned to holistic medicine for a cure. As of 20... Read More »

What is the longest a person went to jail for credit card fraud?

The longest jail sentence given for credit card fraud was a 20-year sentence imposed on Cuban American Albert Gonzalez in March, 2010. Gonzalez stole a total of 40 million credit card details.Refer... Read More »